MUVI™ Professional Handlebar Mount

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Product Description

The VCC-A003-PHM is designed for the MUVI™, MUVI™ Turin and MUVI™ Pro and allows you to fix your MUVI™ micro DV camcorder to your cycle/motorcycle/rollbars securely and reduce vibrations when recording. It has a universal tripod mount connecter and comes complete with clip/mount for your MUVI™.

Can be used in conjuction with VCC-A002-WPC Waterproof case using the tripod mount.

The Professional Handle Bar mount clamping mechanism and foam insert is designed to reduce vibration as well as securely attach the MUVI™ in almost any position. The adjustable mounting ratchet allows you to angle the MUVI™ in any direction to capture the best footage possible.


– Designed to fit MUVI™, MUVI™ Turin and MUVI™ Pro
– Universal tripod mount
– Retail blister pack

Contents Include:

– VCC-A003-PHM Pro Handle Bar Mount
– Muvi mounting attachment
– Universal tripod mount

Additional information

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Dimensions 23 x 20 x 5 cm


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