MUVI™ Atom Waterproof Case

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Product Description

Waterproof case for your Veho MUVI™ Atom. Completely watertight and submersible up to 20 metres.

The VCC-A005-WPC Waterproof Case is designed for the MUVI™ Atom and is waterproof up to 20 metres. It has a universal tripod mount connecter and comes complete with universal spring clip/mount and helmet/headstrap attachment.

Your MUVI™ Atoms remains fully operational while encased in the sealed unit and allows complete control to start filming/taking a snapshot with the relevant buttons.

Can be used in conjuction with VCC-A003-PHM MUVI™ Atom Pro handle bar mount for secure fixing to cycle/motorcycle/rollbars.


– Waterproof to 20 Metres
– Designed to fit Muvi Atom
– Universal tripod mount
– Retail blister pack

PLEASE NOTE: The VCC-A005-WPC MUVI™ Atom Waterproof Case is only compatible with the MUVI™ Atom. It is not compatible with the MUVI™, MUVI™ Turin, MUVI™ Pro or the MUVI™ HD range.

Contents Include:

– VCC-A005-WPC Muvi Atom Waterproof case
– Spring clip attachment
– Helmet/Universal attachment
– Helmet/Universal Strap

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 24 x 20 x 5 cm


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